DPS Scheme Image

Diageo Pension Scheme

This is Diageo’s UK final salary pension scheme which closed to new members on 22 September 2005.

DLP Scheme Image

Diageo Lifestyle Plan

This is Diageo's UK defined benefit pension scheme which launched on 6 April 2006

GIGPS Scheme Image

Guinness Ireland Group Pension Scheme

This is the final salary scheme for Diageo Ireland employees.

GMIPF Scheme Image

Grand Metropolitan Irish Pension Fund

This is the final salary scheme for Baileys employees.

New Employees Image

New UK Employees (from 1/1/17)

You can choose to join the Diageo Lifestyle Plan (DLP) or the Diageo Pension Plan (DPP). Diageo will automatically enrol you in the DPP if you meet set criteria.


Irish Defined Contribution Schemes

For members of the Diageo Ireland Retirement Savings Scheme, the R & A Bailey Retirement Savings Scheme and Guinness Storehouse Pension Plan.