Diageo Pension Plan (DPP)

As a new UK Diageo employee you are eligible to join the Diageo Pension Plan (DPP).

Diageo Pension Plan (DPP)


Data privacy notice - May 2018 (From Scottish Widows DPP administrator) 


As a new UK Diageo employee you are eligible to join the Diageo Pension Plan (DPP). You will be automatically enrolled into the DPP in your fourth month and if you satisfy the following criteria.

  • are not already in a workplace pension scheme;

  • are aged 22 or over; 

  • are under State Pension Age; 

  • earn more than £9,440 pa (reviewed each April);

  • and work, or usually work, in the UK.

If you have a query regarding your Diageo Pension Plan record, please contact Scottish Widows on workplacesavings@scottishwidows.co.uk or you can visit www.scottishwidows.co.uk/save/dpp for any general Pension Plan questions.