Payment of pensions

Pension benefits are paid into a bank or building society account on the second last working day of every month. Pensions, including spouse’s pensions and children’s pensions, are liable to tax under the PAYE system. Tax payable on State pension or benefit will also be deducted from your Scheme pension, since the tax authorities take your income from the State into account when calculating tax-free allowances.

If you are moving overseas you can apply for an Irish Exclusion Order from the Revenue. If you are granted an exclusion order, tax and PRSI will not be deducted from your pension at source. You will however need to declare the pension you receive from the Scheme on the tax return applicable to the country you reside in.

If you have an enquiry regarding your pension payments, or deductions taken from your pension, please contact the Payroll Team in Dublin:

Payroll Team
Diageo Ireland
St. James's Gate
Dublin 8

Tel: 01 643 5366