How do I join?

You can choose to join the Diageo Lifestyle Plan at any time during your employment with Diageo. However, if you do not join within the first three months, Diageo has to meet the law and automatically enrol you into our workplace pension scheme, The People's Pension, if you meet certain requirements.

To join the Plan you must return the application to join, which was included with your contract of employment. You will join the Plan on the first day of the month after the Pensions Team in Edinburgh receives your completed form.If you have mislaid the form then please click this link.

If you decide not to join the Plan, it is important that you complete and return the “Expression of wish” form as you are still covered for life cover while you’re employed by Diageo. The information on this form will be used in the event of your death to help the Trustees decide how to distribute your death benefit, which is equal to one times your Pensionable Pay at that date.

Joining at a later date

You may join only at a later date if you are not contributing to The People's Pension. In some cases the Company may ask you to provide evidence of health before confirming full life cover of six times your Pensionable Pay.