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Diageo Pension Scheme - notice to pensioners - Pension increase as at 6 April 2020

This is to confirm that the annual increase to your pension will be reflected in your April pension instalment as normal. This is due to be paid into your bank account on Monday 6 April 2020. Unfortunately, there has been a delay in issuing the letter advising of the detail of your increase due to the recent move to remote working arrangements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter is due to be issued on 9 April 2020. Please accept our apologies for the delay.

Removal of Member Self Service

Following the transfer of the administration service to Capita, the member self service facility has now been switched off.  This was previously available to active members by logging onto the website. If you require a quotation of your benefits, please contact the administration team at Capita using the contact details at the above link.


Following a review of the Diageo Pension Scheme all active members will build up benefits on a new “CARE” basis from 1 April 2018, full details of which have been communicated to those affected by the change.

There are no changes to the benefits built up to 31 March 2018 and for active members these benefits will continue to be linked to Final Pensionable Pay (or equivalent as defined by the Scheme Rules) beyond 31 March 2018. 

Pensioners and deferred members are not affected by these changes. 

Welcome to the Diageo Pension Scheme section of our internet site. Please note the Diageo Pension Scheme was closed to new entrants from 22 September 2005.  If you are a current employee, you may be eligible to join the Diageo Lifestyle Plan.  Click this link for more information on the Diageo Lifestyle Plan.

In this section members of the Diageo Pension Scheme will be able to access information about their pension. 

These pages also provide information for our pensioners who are already in receipt of their pension as well as deferred members who have left their benefits in the Scheme.

This site aims to give you an overview of the various benefits available.  There are other more formal documents (Trust Deeds, policies etc) which give legal backing to your benefits and these documents will overrule the internet site should a question of interpretation arise.  You can, if you wish, examine this formal documentation at any reasonable time by contacting the Pensions Team.  Changes in legislation and any unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary or desirable to amend the Trust Deed and Rules.  Diageo and the Trustees may amend the Scheme at any time. 

Throughout this website, where a reference is made to pension contributions you pay to the Scheme, or a benefit based on the value of your contributions, this will include any amounts credited by Diageo on your behalf via Salary Exchange for pensions, unless stated otherwise.

If you would like information about Salary Exchange for Pensions please click here

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