Diageo Lifestyle Plan

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Welcome to the Diageo Lifestyle Plan section of our internet site.  The Diageo Lifestyle Plan (the Plan) is closed to new employees who joined from 1 January 2018.

This site aims to give you an overview of the various benefits available.  There are other more formal documents (Trust Deeds, policies etc) which give legal backing to your benefits and these documents will overrule the internet site should a question of interpretation arise.

You can, if you wish, examine this formal documentation at any reasonable time by contacting the Pensions Team.  Changes in legislation and any unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary or desirable to amend the Trust Deed and Rules.  Diageo and the Trustees may amend the Plan at any time. 

Throughout this website, where a reference is made to pension contributions you pay to the Plan, or a benefit based on the value of your contributions, this will include any amounts credited by Diageo on your behalf via Salary Exchange for pensions, unless stated otherwise.

If you would like information about Salary Exchange for Pensions please click here.