Who benefits if I die?

The Scheme provides you with peace of mind by providing benefits for your spouse and dependants if you die.

If you die as a deferred member, a pension will normally be payable for life to your spouse. The amount of the spouse's pension payable will be detailed on the statement you received when you left the Scheme.

If you are unsure of the amount of your spouse's pension, please contact the Pensions Team.

If you are unmarried, the Trustees may agree to pay a pension to a dependant. If you want someone to receive a dependant's pension after your death, you should complete a Tell us who matters - dependant's pension form.

The Scheme may also provide pensions for your children until they reach age 18, or 22 if still in full-time education or training.

A refund of your Scheme contributions may also be payable.

The Trustees have absolute discretion over who receives this lump sum, but will normally be guided by your wishes, provided you have completed a Tell us who matters - lump sum payment form.