Taking a pension early

If you want to receive your pension before it is normally due, the Scheme offers early retirement terms, which give you the option of claiming your deferred pension early, subject to the Trustees' consent.

If you left the Scheme on or after 6 April 2006 the earliest you can apply to take your pension is age 50.

If you left the Scheme before 6 April 2006 the earliest you can apply to take your pension is age 55.

The pension will normally be reduced because it is being paid early.

The amount by which your deferred pension is reduced depends on when you left the Scheme, your age at the time you apply for your pension and your normal retirement date under the Scheme rules as they applied at the date you left the Scheme.

Incapacity retirement

If you become seriously ill, you can apply to the Trustees for an ill-health pension. As a deferred member, the amount of the ill-health pension would be equal to the current value of your deferred pension and would not be reduced for early payment.

Until your Normal Retirement Date, the Trustee may from time to time require a medical review of your continued Incapacity. Following the review the Trustee may reduce, suspend or withdraw the pension and adjust any benefits payable on your death as it considers appropriate.