The Company has appointed a corporate Trustee, Diageo Pension Trust Limited, as the Trustee of the Plan. The Directors of that Company are responsible for ensuring that the Plan is run correctly in accordance with its Rules. 

The board is made up of 12 Trustee Directors.  One third of the Board (i.e. four Trustee Directors) are nominated and selected by members.  Two of the Member Nominated Trustee Directors are elected by active members and two by pensioner members. 

The Pensions Act 2004 requires trustees to have knowledge and understanding of the law relating to pensions and trusts and the principles relating to the funding of occupational schemes and the investment of scheme assets.

Trustees are also required to have a working knowledge of their own scheme's policy documents so that they are able to use them effectively when carrying out their duties as a trustee.  The Trustee Directors take their responsibilities very seriously and undertake training to familiarise themselves with the requirements of their role and keep abreast of new developments. 

The Trustee Directors meet regularly throughout the year.  The current Trustee Directors are:

Charles Coase (Chairman - Company nominated - July 2005)

Sharon Fennessey(Company nominated - August 2014)

Mena Hatchman    (Company nominated - August 2014)

David Heginbottom (Company nominated - November 2010)

Caroline Isaacs (Member nominated - March 2007)

Catherine James (Company nominated - November 2002)

Jim McGhee (Member nominated - March 2011)

Liz Paxton (Member nominated - March 2007)

Ian Shaw (Member nominated - July 2003)

Caroline Wehrle (Company nominated - March 2012)