Deferred Members

If you left the Scheme early with an entitlement to pension benefits, you're known as a deferred member. This section has important information for you.

As a deferred member, you can either leave your pension in the Scheme until it becomes due for payment at your Normal Retirement Date or you can transfer it to a new employer's scheme or any other approved pension arrangement.

If you left the Scheme on or after 6 April 2006 and are over age 50 you have the option to claim your pension early.

If you left the Scheme before 6 April 2006 the earliest you can apply to take your pension is age 55.

Your deferred pension is calculated in the same way as a normal retirement pension but based on your completed pensionable service and pay at the time you left.

When you left the Scheme, you received a statement from the Pensions Team that shows the amount of your deferred pension and when it's due for payment. If you're unsure of when your pension is due to be paid, please contact the Pensions Team.