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Pensions team


The Pensions Team does not only look after the Diageo Pension Scheme – the team is also responsible for 3 other schemes  - the Diageo Lifestyle Plan, the Guinness Ireland Group Pension Scheme and the Grand Metropolitan Irish Pension Fund.

Overall, the Pensions Team looks after approximately 70,000 members, covering active members, deferred members and pensioners. 

If you need any assistance regarding your pension, please contact us at:

Pensions Team
Diageo plc
Edinburgh Park
5 Lochside Way
Edinburgh EH12 9DT

Tel: 0131 519 2100
Fax: 0131 519 2111



For all communications you should quote your member number, NI number or date of birth.

Finally, if you wish to advise us of a change of address please note we can only take this information in writing, with your signature attached.  Below is a link to a form that you may wish to print and use for this purpose. 

 DPS change of address form